Azure Git Listener is available for any Jira Cloud installation. Just log in to your Jira account, go the Azure Git Listener Atlassian Marketplace page, and click the button to install the plugin.


Once Azure Git Listener is installed, find it in the list of your installed apps in Jira and press the "Configure" button.

Now you need to link your Azure repositories to Jira. In order to do that, press the "Link" button. You will be able to choose between OAuth (you will be redirected to Microsoft's authentication page where you will choose the account you want to link and provide your credentials) or token-based authorization.

Azure Git Listener will automatically detect all Git repositories that your Microsoft account has access to and display them on the configuration page. You can configure which of the repositories you want to link to Jira, and see when Azure Git Listener last checked them for new data.

If you need to update the token used to link Azure Git Listener to your Azure repositories, or change the user who needs to grant OAuth permissions, you can always return to Azure Git Listener configuration page and click "Re-configure Azure integration".

Using Azure Git Listener

As soon as the configuration is finished, you are ready to use Azure Git Listener. Just navigate to any issue in your Jira project, and you will see Azure Git menu option on the right.

Click on it, an it will display all the Git commits, branches, and pull requests linked to your Jira issue. Linking is done via issue keys (e.g. PROJ-123). That means you will need to include issue keys in your commit and pull request titles, and branch names in order for them to be picked up by Azure Git Listener.

Further information

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